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Triple Whipped Body Butter Signature Line


Nafeesa's Organic Triple Whipped Body Butter starts with 100% Pure Unrefined Raw Shea Butter to assure the highest quality. It's enriched with Vitamins A and E as well as essential fatty acids containing numerous healing properties that aid the skin. In addition, the ingredients are then triple whipped with Organics Coconut Oil that produces skin moisture. Raw Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil also provides moisture and a shield of protection for the skin. Organic Sweet Almond Oil sole purpose in the process is to improve skin complexion and help with irritations such as itching and inflammation. Grape Seed Oil directly attacks hyper-pigmentation with consistent daily use. Nafeesa's Triple Whipped Body Butter is all natural. The natural glow you will have been just that NATURAL!

Apply to damp skin for best results.

ORANGE SANDALWOOD-An exotic, rich and delicate fragrance with the smell of orange peels with light woodsy notes.

MANGO SPLASH- An intoxicating fragrance with a tropical blend of sweetness and a touch of floral.

GRAPEFRUIT INFUSION- A spiritually uplifting fragrance with a sweet citrus aroma drizzled with a hint of vanilla.

SIGNATURE- A rich luxurious and very unique fragrance with spicy notes and soft musk creating a smooth clean well-balanced scent.

LAVENDER CREAM- A pleasant calming fragrance with a warm french vanilla middle tone and a hidden rich earthy undertone.

HIM- This exotic masculine fragrance opens with notes of citrus introducing woodsy and vanilla notes.

AQUA- This refreshing spa fragrance is reminiscent of the cool ocean breeze with notes of sea salt rounded with oriental bamboo and the fresh verbena.

LEMONGRASS CLARY SAGE- A lively invigorating citrus fragrance with fresh green notes and light notes of sage.

This is a sensual, and luscious fragrance. With notes of black currants and blackberries. Warm notes of anise and amber that surround you in this sophisticated cocktail. Patchouli and cedarwood enhance the intensity of the dark fruit in this rich fragrance. Rounding out this beautiful complex fragrance.

CARIBBEAN SUNSET - This exotic blend with top notes of sweet pineapple. Followed by coconut lime verbena. Closing with black coconut, reminiscent of a tropical breeze at sunset.

MEZCAL- This is a very sexy grown-up fragrance. With notes of musky amber. Smokey notes of oud and santal. Rounding off with warm and sweet notes of amyris. its reminiscent of cool fall nights by the fireplace.

VINTAGE ROSE- This is an upscale fragrance with floral notes of Bulgarian rose, and violet. Middle notes of patchouli, and oud. With bottom notes of Egyptian amber, warm vanilla, and grapefruit. Warm woodsy notes balance out the floral heart of this refined fragrance giving it a complex and seductive edge.